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Reiki shares

Hudson Valley Community Reiki grew from our regular get-togethers — also knows as Reiki shares — to give and receive Reiki sessions among ourselves. We welcome Reiki practitioners wanting to join us whenever we meet.

We meet in Rosendale, NY on Sundays each month from 11 am to 1 pm.

Interested? Which Sundays, you may ask? Every month is different — the share members decide among themselves. Email us and we’ll send you that month’s schedule.

There is no obligation to attend every share. Come any time we are scheduled. Being a regular at our shares does give everyone a chance to know each other by sharing “energies.” If at some point you want to join us at our public Reiki events throughout the year, come to the shares and let’s spend a little time together, and see if our energies are a harmonious fit.


  • We give and receive for 20 minutes each
  • First-time participants to our shares, please bring a copy of your Reiki certificate
  • We have a short agreement form to sign
  • Our location is Creekside Acupuncture, 371A Main St, Rosendale, NY 12472
  • MapQuest link:
  • We each put in a $5 donation
  • Please arrive a little before 11 am


Views of 371A from Main Street in Rosendale (Route 32 is behind you in this view).

Creekside Acupuncture

View of 371a Main St, Rosendale, from Main St















As you turn left into the parking lot, 371A is the building just behind the barbershop facing Main St.

The barbershop has a sign for Creekside Acupuncture, but drive behind the barbershop to get to #371A.

Creekside Acupuncture

Creekside Acupuncture, 371a Main St, Rosendale













This is the front of Creekside Acupuncture, behind the barbershop that faces Main St.

Both the barbershop and participants of our Reiki share use the same parking lot.

Looking forward to seeing you!