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Professional services

Pam Zino and Liz Wassell each offer Reiki sessions and classes to the public.

Pam Zino, Reiki Master









There is a community of the spirit

Join it, and feel the delight

Of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

Drink all your passion,

And be a disgrace.

Close both eyes

to see with the other eye.

by  Rumi


Reiki helps to:

decrease pain

increase circulation

relieve stress

speed healing

provide insight and clarity


Half-hour treatments: $35.00

Hour treatments: $60.00


Joy * unity * peace * insight * relaxation * vitality 
Through a gentle laying-on of hands, Reiki does it all.

For treatment, call (845) 594-4974 or email



Liz Wassell, Reiki teacher and animal communicator

Rates for Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatment for people or animals: $70/hour

Distance Reiki treatment for people or animals: $40/half-hour


Luckycropped copy






Above: Lucky the pup just got adopted and is receiving his first Reiki session!


For animal Reiki clients, it can be beneficial to group together 3 or 4 sessions to boost the energy.

Not all sessions need to be in person.

All distance sessions for people or animals are followed by an emailed report.

In-person rates exclude travel expenses beyond the Hudson Valley.

A discount will be applied to in-person animal Reiki sessions that run less than an hour.


Rates for Animal Communication Sessions

$75/ one hour

$45/ half-hour

Animal communication sessions are offered in either of 2 ways, according to your preference:

  1. Over the phone, with you present over the phone, and your pet joining us telepathically, during our appointment. I translate precisely what I receive from your pet. The session can be recorded and the sound file sent to you afterward.
  2. You choose to let your pet and I have our session without you being present. (Clients find this option can save them time.) You can give me your questions in advance. I’ll have the communication session with your pet and send you a sound file.


paw prints



Reiki Classes

Animal Reiki follows the principles established by Kathleen Prasad, following a traditional Usui lineage. I teach Reiki degrees 1 and 2. Certificates are for the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).

Komyo Reiki Kai is a traditional Japanese lineage, close to how Reiki was taught and practiced in the 1930s. This is Reiki for people, not so much for animals. I teach Reiki degrees 1 through 3.


Reiki Class Rates

Animal Reiki — Level 1. Reiki training for both people and animals. $175
Animal Reiki
— Level 2. Reiki training for both people and animals. $200

Komyo Reiki Kai Level 1. Not including animal Reiki.  $125
Komyo Reiki Kai Level 2. Not including animal Reiki. $175
Komyo Reiki Kai (Master) Level 3. Not including animal Reiki. $500

All prices include course manual and certificate.


Current classes and events:



Phone: (845) 616-1219 or (917) 513-5993