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We are a group of Reiki practitioners offering Reiki sessions, free of charge or sometimes by donation, to the Hudson Valley community at various appearances at health fairs and other events throughout the year.

Visit our events calendar.

We also run an ongoing Reiki share on Sundays for practitioners in our Hudson Valley region. Find out more about our shares.


We are on Facebook

We are on Facebook!





What is Reiki?

It’s a hands-on healing experience, Japanese in origin. It gently restores balance to your mind, body and spirit.
It’s effective and safe for reducing stress, pain and sleeplessness.
It’s easy to learn and to use for yourself and others.
It’s also used as a gentle, effective complement in hospitals, clinics and other conventional treatment settings.

To learn more, call (845) 616-1219 or e-mail

Apart from our volunteer events, some of us also have private Reiki clients and students. Learn more about our professional services here.